An Alternative Opinion

Perhaps wanting a smile from a Sista is no different than expecting a head nod from another Black man.

“Smile, girl.”

When the words fell out of the mouth of whatever random man I passed on the street, I would feel as though a match was lit in my chest.

I would look up to this stranger, only then becoming conscious of my face. A face that, up until…

Three women share how they make tough choices and move toward fulfillment

2020 offered the world a collective rest. When we weren’t binging on Tiger King or watching 4-day election spectacles, many of us were granted more time than ever for inward reflection. In that time, we got to know our simple pleasures but we also came face-to-face with our subtle discontents.

Simone Keelah Brathwaite

A self-proclaimed freedom chaser who writes about self-development, spirituality, relationships, & black folx thangs. Sign up for updates

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