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“Smile, girl.”

When the words fell out of the mouth of whatever random man I passed on the street, I would feel as though a match was lit in my chest.

I would look up to this stranger, only then becoming conscious of my face. A face that, up until…


Michaela Coel came for my entire soul in her Emmy speech.

Unlike the usual hats off to God and thank yous to mom, the I May Destroy You star had a message specifically for writers:

Write the tale that scares you, that makes you feel uncertain, that isn’t comfortable. I…

I decided to move to LA because of a psychic.

I hate to admit that. I mean, a mystical force influencing me to leave a cushy corporate job to embark in my 30s to a city infamous for plastics, producers, and pipedreams? …

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When I left corporate America to become a creative, I imagined I would spend my days in my parent’s Florida room writing a book and developing a podcast. Perhaps I’d pick up a job at a local studio to teach yoga in the evenings and attend some writers’ workshops on…

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When I announced my departure from my corporate job, one particular compliment was gifted to me time and time again. There were different versions of it but at the heart of it, it remained the same.

“You’re so brave.”

I was always uncomfortable when someone bestowed any version of this…

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We all have a dream of the life we want to live. Perhaps it’s working flexible hours, interacting less with people, or working for a humanitarian cause. Maybe there is more specificity around what you’re envisioning and you know you want to, say, be an actor, start a business, or…

2020 offered the world a collective rest. When we weren’t binging on Tiger King or watching 4-day election spectacles, many of us were granted more time than ever for inward reflection. In that time, we got to know our simple pleasures but we also came face-to-face with our subtle discontents.

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There was something I always admired about Ryan Rogers*. No more than 6–7 years my senior, I worked alongside Ryan while I was in Public Relations. I, a Senior Account Executive, he about three promotions ahead of me as a VP.

A 30-something-year-old white man, Ryan was the type of…

I decided years ago that I would not follow any of the Kardashians on Instagram.

I’m not anti-celebrity. I follow Rih Rih and Will Smith and Shakira and a whole heap of “influencers,” but the Kardashians are a brand of celebrity that seemed to combine far too many out-of-reach elements…

My mom worked as an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay for several years. As a child, I adored the bumblebee pin each consultant received. (Apparently, I was a member of the Beyhive long before it was cool.) …

Simone Keelah Brathwaite

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